13 Types of Writers’ Blogs – Pros and Cons

There are a great many different types of author blogs out there, some of them absolutely awesome (like John Scalzi’s Whatever, Chuck Wendig’s Terribleminds, Larry Brooks’ Storyfix, Janice Hardy’s The Other Side Of The Story and Jody Hedlund‘s blog, and dozens more) and some of them rather peculiar and all over the place (won’t give examples, I’m sure youContinue reading “13 Types of Writers’ Blogs – Pros and Cons”

Manuscript Revisions – Exposition and Incluing

The trimming and tweaking of exposition is an important part of manuscript revision, and there are as many different ways to do it, as there are to write it. Every writer and writing coach has his own opinion and methods, and even the definitions of what exposition and description are can differ, sometimes greatly. I’mContinue reading “Manuscript Revisions – Exposition and Incluing”

Creeping Up On Psychological Thrillers

The other half—the darker half, mwahaha!—of my genre of heart is psychological thriller. I’d love to talk about that one just as much as about science-fiction, though I’m not quite sure where to start. So I’ll go ahead and describe it the way I see it, and see from there. According to common definition, a “psychologicalContinue reading “Creeping Up On Psychological Thrillers”

How Much Science in Science-Fiction?

Science is what separates sci-fi from fantasy, and its usually the nature, plausibility and degree of scientific detail that tiers the genre into several “levels”. Hard sci-fi is the one with the balls of steel in that respect, but what about the other subgenres? How important is the plausibility, and by extension the probability, ofContinue reading “How Much Science in Science-Fiction?”

Top 5 Things I Want To See Done In Science-Fiction

I have high hopes for the science-fiction genre, more than just for fancy gadgets and galactic adventures. It’s the best genre to be writing in, and with its zoo of sub-genres there’s really nothing to hold us writers back from reaching for whatever we want—and then pumping it full of dynamite and blowing it straightContinue reading “Top 5 Things I Want To See Done In Science-Fiction”