THE DEEP LINK available now on Prolific Works

Hey guys! Hope you’re all doing well and keeping up the work on what makes you happy. On my side, things are happening in the background despite my everlong absence from blogging. 🙂 Right now, THE DEEP LINK is featured in a new GIVEAWAY on Prolific Works (formerly Instafreebie) >> so if you don’t haveContinue reading “THE DEEP LINK available now on Prolific Works”

Sci-Fi and Fantasy Giveaway

To make up for the fact that I’m barely blogging this spring, I bring you another awesome Sci-Fi & Fantasy Giveaway! With over 50 discounted and FREE books, and the grand prize of a Kindle Paperwhite (both, for US and UK based readers!), or a US$50 Amazon gift voucher! All you have to do is hit the buttonContinue reading “Sci-Fi and Fantasy Giveaway”

The Deep Link RELEASE DAY! + Excerpt and Signed Copy Giveaway

It’s finally here: RELEASE DAY! The Deep Link is now available on Amazon! I’ve been looking forward to this day for so long, I’m almost at a loss what to say. Except, of course, YAAAY!!! Look, look: I made a book! 😀 Without sounding like an infatuated asshat, I’d love to thank a big bunch of extraordinary people, whose supportContinue reading “The Deep Link RELEASE DAY! + Excerpt and Signed Copy Giveaway”