Guest Post: Building a Relationship with Readers

Nothing is more important to authors than our readers. Without them, we’re just kooks who sit around all day fantasizing about worlds and people that don’t exist. But how do we keep the readers we have? And how do we make sure they’re always looking forward to our next book? (Apart from writing some pretty damn kick-ass books to beginContinue reading “Guest Post: Building a Relationship with Readers”

Guest Post + ARC of “Dragon’s Honor” by Michaela Kendrick

Science Fiction Romance is a subgenre on the rise, with many talented indies gaining ground with awesome stories and characters. I’ve always been interested in the evolution of SFR, and I’m super happy to hear indie success stories or keep tabs on how some authors are tackling this delicate merger of space battles and heart throbs. So when a fellowContinue reading “Guest Post + ARC of “Dragon’s Honor” by Michaela Kendrick”

Updates, Interviews, and MY FIRST PODCAST!

I’ve been neck-deep in the best part of being a sci-fi writer, and that is writing my next book — the second book in The Ascendancy Trilogy, and Taryn’s rocket-launch into being a kick-ass heroine! I’m so excited about book #2 I can barely rip myself away from the MS to do anything else (like blog, read, feed my kid…). If thingsContinue reading “Updates, Interviews, and MY FIRST PODCAST!”

From Fiction To Reality

I’m not up to writing particularly useful posts at the moment, due to industrious editing efforts (yay!) and otherwise being caught up in baby-ing and day-job-ing. But I’ve got a cool infographic for you, that highlights some of the best (and most common) inventions from the past decades which science owes to SF. That’s right, BOW TO US, labcoatedContinue reading “From Fiction To Reality”

Guest Post: 4 Tips on Using Theme in Science-Fiction

For the occasional guest-post that blinks up on my blog like a distant supernova, today I’ll introduce you to our fellow writer Michael Cairns. As part of his book-launch blog tour, Michael is cruising the interwebs talking about all things writing, sci-fi/fantasy and the indie experience. His is simple and sound advice that doesn’t limit itselfContinue reading “Guest Post: 4 Tips on Using Theme in Science-Fiction”