Guest Post: Building a Relationship with Readers

Nothing is more important to authors than our readers. Without them, we’re just kooks who sit around all day fantasizing about worlds and people that don’t exist. But how do we keep the readers we have? And how do we make sure they’re always looking forward to our next book? (Apart from writing some pretty damn kick-ass books to beginContinue reading “Guest Post: Building a Relationship with Readers”

SFF Free Book Bash – Today! 5 January 2016

Here comes another awesome FREE BOOK BASH! Today only (5 January 2016) — you can download over 60 science-fiction, fantasy, dystopian and sci-fi romance books for free! There are some pretty awesome books in this bunch. Most of them are book #1 in a series — the perfect chance to sample other indie authors and find some great stories! If something catchesContinue reading “SFF Free Book Bash – Today! 5 January 2016”

Science-Fiction & Fantasy – First in Series FREE promotion!

Today I’ve joined 51 other independent SFF authors in the First in Series FREE Promotion. That means for today, 3. November 2015, you can download any of the titles listed here for free! And there are some amazing books among them. While some of them are always free, some will only be available for download without charge today (or for aContinue reading “Science-Fiction & Fantasy – First in Series FREE promotion!”

THE PRIME RIFT cover reveal & blurb

It’s finally here! The brand new cover of book #2 in my Ascendancy trilogy: The Prime Rift! Squee! I think Taryn looks great, and I couldn’t be happier! Big thanks to my cover artist, Adriana Hanganu! The Prime Rift will be released before the end of this year (*wipes sweat off her brow*), and hopefully makeContinue reading “THE PRIME RIFT cover reveal & blurb”

Updates, Interviews, and MY FIRST PODCAST!

I’ve been neck-deep in the best part of being a sci-fi writer, and that is writing my next book — the second book in The Ascendancy Trilogy, and Taryn’s rocket-launch into being a kick-ass heroine! I’m so excited about book #2 I can barely rip myself away from the MS to do anything else (like blog, read, feed my kid…). If thingsContinue reading “Updates, Interviews, and MY FIRST PODCAST!”