Amazon’s Author Ranking And Why It Means So Little

Last week, Amazon introduced a new author ranking system based on the sales of an author’s entire portfolio, not just on the sales of individual novels. It’s supposedly intended to empower authors, and Mark Coker, founder of says “It’s a smart feature. It recognizes that the author — not the publisher — is the brandContinue reading “Amazon’s Author Ranking And Why It Means So Little”

What are you blogging for?

Last week, literary agent and blogger Rachelle Gardner put up a post on the need for a platform for each writer, and a heated discussion ensued, more or less centered on blogging being a time suck for writers, and of “platform” being more than just an online presence. This week, author Jody Hedlund reopened theContinue reading “What are you blogging for?”

25 Resources To Fuel Your Writing

All growth is painful and creates resistance. It makes us uncomfortable even when we want it, even when we know it’s essential for our evolution as writers. And sometimes we wonder if it’ll ever end, if we’ll ever reach a point where we can lay back and say we’ve reached the top. But growth isContinue reading “25 Resources To Fuel Your Writing”

Dawn Of The WriterBots – or – Why Triberr Is Not A Good Idea For Writers

Social media interaction can be an incredibly wonderful and beneficial experience, if you’re doing it right. The job description of the modern writer includes having a coherent and professional social media presence, and we’re all doing our best to achieve that. But sometimes, we do too much and step over the line into Spam Land, andContinue reading “Dawn Of The WriterBots – or – Why Triberr Is Not A Good Idea For Writers”

Are You Branding or Bragging?

Author branding has become a necessity, along with developing a platform and having a favorable online presence. If you want to make it as a writer, you must apparently become your own brand. It works with musicians, movie stars and reality TV phenomena, and it works with journalists and bloggers too, people who write stuffContinue reading “Are You Branding or Bragging?”