How To Stick To Your Goals

Last week I put up two polls to find out what your best and worst habits as writers are, and which attitudes you’d like to change.  Thank you all very much for taking the time to vote and comment, it was very informative! As I promised, today we’ll discuss the results. I must say I wasContinue reading “How To Stick To Your Goals”

Manuscript Revisions – Is This A Scene?

  The most important thing before attempting a revision, is figuring out what exactly we’re revising. So the top question to ask when we pick up any considerable chunk of text should be — is this a scene, or a sequel? The difference between the two isn’t always obvious. Scenes are often mixed with elementsContinue reading “Manuscript Revisions – Is This A Scene?”

Manuscript Revisions – Let’s Draw Some Blood

I’ve launched into the revision of my novel, so it’s time I showed you my weapons and merciless strategy. Over the coming few weeks, I’ll post on Mondays about manuscript analysis and revision tactics as I apply them to my own draft. I’ll try to keep them as factual and general as possible, but it’sContinue reading “Manuscript Revisions – Let’s Draw Some Blood”

The Emotion Delivery Business

We writers work in the emotion delivery business. We’re dealers in the most valuable human possession. This is our game, we lure you in and make you an offer you can’t refuse: “Psst, over here. Want some emotion? I got a real good package here, man, guaranteed high, make you feel stronger and deeper thanContinue reading “The Emotion Delivery Business”

Amazon’s Author Ranking And Why It Means So Little

Last week, Amazon introduced a new author ranking system based on the sales of an author’s entire portfolio, not just on the sales of individual novels. It’s supposedly intended to empower authors, and Mark Coker, founder of says “It’s a smart feature. It recognizes that the author — not the publisher — is the brandContinue reading “Amazon’s Author Ranking And Why It Means So Little”