Some thoughts on Authority and Credibility

Does authority give someone credibility? I think the grand majority of people agree that it does. Does it give someone default credibility regardless of the validity of their specific statements? I strongly assume that to be the case as well. People tend to accept ideas and arguments more readily if they come from an authorityContinue reading “Some thoughts on Authority and Credibility”

How To Use Stereotypes In Writing Fiction

Stereotypes are oversimplified ways of cataloging groups of people based on the differences between them and other groups of people. They are sometimes rooted in fact, sometimes in prejudice, and if taken at face value, they contribute to intolerance and discrimination and limit people in their understanding of society. Stereotypes exist, and they will continue toContinue reading “How To Use Stereotypes In Writing Fiction”

3 Things You Need To Know Before Writing A Female Protagonist

I’m not a very confrontational person, but there are things I believe and stand for which don’t allow me to yield. Some of these are listed below. Science-fiction is called visionary for a good reason. It challenges us to recognize and admit the faults in our current mentality and social models, to consider where technologicalContinue reading “3 Things You Need To Know Before Writing A Female Protagonist”

What Are Your Worst And Best Habits As A Writer?

There are patterns in our behavior and our beliefs, which shape our daily life and our future. Some of them are closer to the surface, some are nested deep within us, and typically go undiscovered for most of our lives—if we were normal people, that is. But we’re writers, and in the turbulent world ofContinue reading “What Are Your Worst And Best Habits As A Writer?”

Taking On Insecurity And Kicking It To The Ground

Insecurity is part of being a writer as much as fascination and frustration, and even the toughest, most acclaimed authors share this horrible absence of confidence now and then. There’s no way to outrun it, the best chance we have is to learn how to deal with that inner voice in our own way. ButContinue reading “Taking On Insecurity And Kicking It To The Ground”