25 Resources To Fuel Your Writing

All growth is painful and creates resistance. It makes us uncomfortable even when we want it, even when we know it’s essential for our evolution as writers. And sometimes we wonder if it’ll ever end, if we’ll ever reach a point where we can lay back and say we’ve reached the top. But growth isContinue reading “25 Resources To Fuel Your Writing”

The Double Ds of Writing Fiction

Last Monday I put up a list of ingredients that I believe are essential for professional writers, and which I would love to discuss with you straight-out. Some of you guys are published, some are about to be, and some are currently drafting their first novel, and that’s all equally fine. Because bing professional hasContinue reading “The Double Ds of Writing Fiction”

The Shocking Truth About Being A Professional Writer

I like to cut to the chase and spell things out the way I see them, especially when it comes to business. And from what I’ve learned and studied so far, the single most important fact about being a professional writer is this: We alone are responsible for the success of our writing career, andContinue reading “The Shocking Truth About Being A Professional Writer”

How I Got Here (and to writing SF)

My very talented fellow sci-fi writer J.W. Alden reminded me of something important with his latest post: that blogging about your honest interests as they pertain to writing, however wild they may be, is a very good thing. Because it comes from a real and immediate place within you, and the passion translates. And bloggingContinue reading “How I Got Here (and to writing SF)”

Essential Ingredient – Patience

Bigger, faster, stronger. Now! Not just society, pop culture or modern fiction are speeding up, but writers themselves too. Constantly trying to exceed our capacity, to be better prepared, write more, write faster, write better. Or get left behind. But — there’s no bandwagon rushing past you. It may feel like it, but in factContinue reading “Essential Ingredient – Patience”