Confessions of a converted structuralist, or How I realized the error of my ways

I always thought I was a plotter, an outliner, a planner. Not a pantser. Not someone who discovers her story while she writes it, but someone who plans ahead and always knows which way the story goes. The premeditated kind. I thought this because I had a scene-by-scene outline of the entire novel as I wrote theContinue reading “Confessions of a converted structuralist, or How I realized the error of my ways”

Manuscript Revisions – Is This A Scene?

  The most important thing before attempting a revision, is figuring out what exactly we’re revising. So the top question to ask when we pick up any considerable chunk of text should be — is this a scene, or a sequel? The difference between the two isn’t always obvious. Scenes are often mixed with elementsContinue reading “Manuscript Revisions – Is This A Scene?”

Manuscript Revisions – Let’s Draw Some Blood

I’ve launched into the revision of my novel, so it’s time I showed you my weapons and merciless strategy. Over the coming few weeks, I’ll post on Mondays about manuscript analysis and revision tactics as I apply them to my own draft. I’ll try to keep them as factual and general as possible, but it’sContinue reading “Manuscript Revisions – Let’s Draw Some Blood”

Tighten Thy Subplots

Subplots are subordinate plots weaved into a story to enrich the reader’s experience. Not to increase wordcount, or stick some personal vendetta into an otherwise unsuspecting story, and for crying out loud pleeease not to shoot the reader point-blank between the eyes with An Important Point you itch to make. Subplots exist only to makeContinue reading “Tighten Thy Subplots”

Outline Contest Winner!

Told you good things come to patient writers! After an incredible, busy week at the 27th Annual Antioch Writers Workshop, where Les has given a fiction writing seminar for a wide range of writers, he is now back and ready to give us the winner of the Five Sentence Outline contest. He’s also taken theContinue reading “Outline Contest Winner!”