Some thoughts on Authority and Credibility

Does authority give someone credibility? I think the grand majority of people agree that it does. Does it give someone default credibility regardless of the validity of their specific statements? I strongly assume that to be the case as well. People tend to accept ideas and arguments more readily if they come from an authorityContinue reading “Some thoughts on Authority and Credibility”

Point of View in Science-Fiction

Point of view isn’t just a choice of pronoun, it’s a tactical decision in the service of storytelling. The way we tell a story can make or break it, regardless of the marvelous genius of the plot or the unique personality of the characters. Point of view is a weapon, and it can be wieldedContinue reading “Point of View in Science-Fiction”

Writers Create Fiction, They Don’t Prove Facts (redux)

I’m still wondering about the expectations and priorities of writers in general, and of science-fiction writers in particular. My sincere apologies if this seems repetitive, but I need to set a few things straight before I move on, otherwise this thingum will gnaw at me and suck much needed neuronal capacity away from my revision.Continue reading “Writers Create Fiction, They Don’t Prove Facts (redux)”

Manuscript Revisions – Is This A Scene?

  The most important thing before attempting a revision, is figuring out what exactly we’re revising. So the top question to ask when we pick up any considerable chunk of text should be — is this a scene, or a sequel? The difference between the two isn’t always obvious. Scenes are often mixed with elementsContinue reading “Manuscript Revisions – Is This A Scene?”

Creeping Up On Psychological Thrillers

The other half—the darker half, mwahaha!—of my genre of heart is psychological thriller. I’d love to talk about that one just as much as about science-fiction, though I’m not quite sure where to start. So I’ll go ahead and describe it the way I see it, and see from there. According to common definition, a “psychologicalContinue reading “Creeping Up On Psychological Thrillers”