When two equal and opposite forces collide, they crash into each other with the same intensity. It’s in the books, Newton’s third law of motion. Right there, see? This rule applies to car crashes, billiard balls, writer against computer, and it applies to fiction as well. The recipe for a spectacular story climax is simple: youContinue reading “Opposition”

Descriptions – The Devil’s In The Details

I hated writing descriptions, because I seemed to never get them to feel right. I was swaying from info-dumps to lapidary sketches and back again like a pendulum, never quite making the most effective things stand out or conveying the desired mood. Then I started to pay attention to the descriptions that worked in theContinue reading “Descriptions – The Devil’s In The Details”

Crimes Against Secondary Characters

Truth is, most of you probably don’t have a hard time coming up with protagonists and antagonists. Some random character trait, quirk or predicament gnaws at your tail like a rabid squirrel, until you give in and give them the role. Fleshing them out also gets a lot of attention (ideally) and has you hunchedContinue reading “Crimes Against Secondary Characters”