This piece was initially published in the On Fiction Writing magazine back in 2011. Enjoy!     When they’re fresh, the cuts don’t look how they’re supposed to. They’re moist, and the flesh around them is tender. I like them better the next day, when the scabs have covered the gashes and drawn jagged lines acrossContinue reading “FORGET-ME-NOT”

The Hero’s Journey – My Pros and Cons

It’s one of the classics of literature, isn’t it? The hero’s journey is part of almost every genre, it’s part of fictional DNA, it’s a must, right? Well, not in my notsohumble opinion. The hero’s journey is too formulaic for my taste. Not because I’m better, or some equally inane bullshit, but because I don’tContinue reading “The Hero’s Journey – My Pros and Cons”

How Conspiracy Theories Work

I must admit I find conspiracy theories fascinating. They are usually good examples of a lot of psychological aspects that I’m interested in, like obsession, selective reasoning, paranoia, determination to reveal the “truth” which always carries either a savior component, or megalomania. Not to mention they cover the entire cognitive dissonance spectrum. *oh goodie* WhileContinue reading “How Conspiracy Theories Work”

3 Things You Need To Know Before Writing A Female Protagonist

I’m not a very confrontational person, but there are things I believe and stand for which don’t allow me to yield. Some of these are listed below. Science-fiction is called visionary for a good reason. It challenges us to recognize and admit the faults in our current mentality and social models, to consider where technologicalContinue reading “3 Things You Need To Know Before Writing A Female Protagonist”

What Are Your Worst And Best Habits As A Writer?

There are patterns in our behavior and our beliefs, which shape our daily life and our future. Some of them are closer to the surface, some are nested deep within us, and typically go undiscovered for most of our lives—if we were normal people, that is. But we’re writers, and in the turbulent world ofContinue reading “What Are Your Worst And Best Habits As A Writer?”