Crazy Writing in November and the Top 10 Most Bizzare Mental Disorders

November is the perfect month for writing and being creative, whether along with the gazillion people doing NaNoWriMo, or just because the weather has begun to suck so badly there’s just no other viable thing to do but curl up with a good book (preferably your own manuscript) and travel to another world. This yearContinue reading “Crazy Writing in November and the Top 10 Most Bizzare Mental Disorders”

The Emotion Delivery Business

We writers work in the emotion delivery business. We’re dealers in the most valuable human possession. This is our game, we lure you in and make you an offer you can’t refuse: “Psst, over here. Want some emotion? I got a real good package here, man, guaranteed high, make you feel stronger and deeper thanContinue reading “The Emotion Delivery Business”

Creeping Up On Psychological Thrillers

The other half—the darker half, mwahaha!—of my genre of heart is psychological thriller. I’d love to talk about that one just as much as about science-fiction, though I’m not quite sure where to start. So I’ll go ahead and describe it the way I see it, and see from there. According to common definition, a “psychologicalContinue reading “Creeping Up On Psychological Thrillers”

13 Things I Just Can’t Do Anymore

Getting serious about my writing has made a huge difference in my life. I’ve crossed a threshold of squirmish indecisiveness that I just can’t uncross, and I sure as hell don’t ever want to. It’s been about a year since I started standing up for it publicly — and what I notice most beside theContinue reading “13 Things I Just Can’t Do Anymore”


When two equal and opposite forces collide, they crash into each other with the same intensity. It’s in the books, Newton’s third law of motion. Right there, see? This rule applies to car crashes, billiard balls, writer against computer, and it applies to fiction as well. The recipe for a spectacular story climax is simple: youContinue reading “Opposition”