Negativity And The Writing World

If you’ve watched the online writer communities, you might have noticed a trend in the last year. I don’t mean author branding or indie publishing, even though they had quite a part. I’m talking about the negativity that spread out like a plague all over healthy writer platforms, forums and blogs. Something like… Publishing isn’t whatContinue reading “Negativity And The Writing World”

Grit And Guts Or Going Nuts

When I first started putting my hypergraphia to sensible use, it came with a load of prejudices in the trunk. I thought being a writer meant you had to think purple, that you had to have read everything worthwhile out there and were supposed to live in a house built out of your own booksContinue reading “Grit And Guts Or Going Nuts”

Warning: Editor Inside!

Don’t you just hate the feeling that something’s terribly wrong with exactly this paragraph, but you can’t pinpoint it? It’s the wording, and possibly the sentence length. Or is it the punctuation? By God, it’s not the words, it’s the meaning behind them! It’s not conveying the right mood, and you don’t know how theContinue reading “Warning: Editor Inside!”