The Special Few Who Get All The Goodies And Freebies

Let’s see if I can ease you into this slowly, ’cause it took me a while to get to terms with whether I should, could or want to create a Newsletter. I mean, what’s in it for me except more work? And more importantly, what’s in it for you? Because without you, it’d be just a waste of pixels. I got mightyContinue reading “The Special Few Who Get All The Goodies And Freebies”

Ta-daa! — THE DEEP LINK Cover Reveal + Pre-Order!

I’ve been waiting for what feels like for-goddamn-ever to show you the cover of my debut novel THE DEEP LINK. The moment has finally arrived, and let me tell you how fucking relieved I am that it’s finally out in the open! The work on this cover has taken no less than 2 months. *nods emphatically* My coverContinue reading “Ta-daa! — THE DEEP LINK Cover Reveal + Pre-Order!”

How to format your novel for Smashwords

I assume you’re a well-informed, well-prepared author-publisher and have your novel parts in order (with front matter, biography, etc.), so I will only discuss the technical part here: formatting only. For tips on how to structure your manuscript for an optimal ebook experience, please consult Smashword’s very own tips, or the thousands of online articles on self-publishing floating on the web. Now let’s getContinue reading “How to format your novel for Smashwords”

Writing Taglines and Loglines for THE DEEP LINK

I’m getting ready to self-publish my first sci-fi novel THE DEEP LINK soon, and I’m preparing all sorts of materials beforehand, like: bios of various lengths, a synopsis under 1K (in case I need to convince a very busy, professional book reviewer that my self-published novel is worth their time) several versions of back cover copy (or blurbs) asContinue reading “Writing Taglines and Loglines for THE DEEP LINK”

How To Clean Up Your Manuscript Formatting In MS Word

If you want to submit your manuscript to an editor, an agent, or a publisher, OR If you want to self-publish, and want to be ready for all the ebook & print formatting that come next, I’ve got some good news! You can stop googling and ripping your hair out now. Just follow these simple steps to clean up your manuscript. 1. The following thingsContinue reading “How To Clean Up Your Manuscript Formatting In MS Word”