How To Create An Alien Species In 3 Stages

It’s Alien August over at — which means a whole month of extraterrestrial goodness invading their website, and dozens of science-fiction writers filing in their creature profiles to win the grand Alien August Competition. And — squee! — an autographed copy of my novel The Deep Link is part of their Prize Package! Isn’t that awesome? Of course now is the perfect time to write a postContinue reading “How To Create An Alien Species In 3 Stages”

Blowing Up The Kardashev Scale – The Black Hole Alternative

One of the most burning questions we are faced with when we marvel at the grandness of the universe and the diversity of life on Earth, is: Why the hell can’t we find any aliens? I’m not talking about bacteria or frozen spores on some asteroid or moon, but intelligent species — interstellar civilizations we can recognize and communicate with. After all,Continue reading “Blowing Up The Kardashev Scale – The Black Hole Alternative”

Alien Sex: The Stranger, The Better

How do aliens have sex? It all depends on their biology — and your imagination. Since we science-fiction writers are the makers and breakers of specualtive biology, we ought to get really creative with the way our non-human characters do the rumpy-pumpy. If we invest so much brain juice in coming up with fantastic worlds and alien technologies, why notContinue reading “Alien Sex: The Stranger, The Better”

Levels of VIOLENCE in science-fiction

Violence is one of humanity’s evils, and usually to be shunned and avoided in real life. But in fiction, it can serve a purpose that can’t be better fulfilled with diplomacy or negotiation. And it’s needless to deny that it deserves to be there, since it’s a fundamental part of humanity, whether we like it or not.Continue reading “Levels of VIOLENCE in science-fiction”

The Flipside of FTL Travel

Faster-than-light travel makes the science-fiction world go round. Especially space opera, with its galaxy wide empires, space wars and alien civilizations. FTL travel has many faces, though, depending on the technology of its world (and the writer’s creativity), and with those many faces come many perils. It has undoubtedly more advantages than disadvantages in fiction,Continue reading “The Flipside of FTL Travel”