The ERROR Terror

Most normal people are afraid of spiders, heights, or clowns, or really creepy shit like this, but writers—we’re most afraid of making mistakes. Or rather, getting caught making mistakes in our books. Especially writers of genres that require heavy research and specialized knowledge, such as crime, historical and science-fiction. As if there aren’t already enough things toContinue reading “The ERROR Terror”

DISTANCE measurements in science-fiction

Space is a big-ass place. It’s so damn big, in fact, that any relatively decent distance surpasses the capacities of our usual Earthling measurement units. So to avoid saying 588 x 10^8 miles or 9’460’730’472’580’800 meters, we just say 1 ly. Pretty cool, ha. There are three units of measurement that are predominately used in astronomy,Continue reading “DISTANCE measurements in science-fiction”


There are basically three ways in which humans will colonize space: on Earth-like planets, on terraformed celestial bodies, or in in artificial habitats. Or, you know, in a crazy wanton combination of these. Whatever tickles your pen. We’re eons away from such technological feats, but for fictional purposes, we’ve already colonized our galaxy hundreds of timesContinue reading “The COLONIZATION of space”

Free ANSIBLE ringtones for download

We’re all addicted to communication, especially to the internet. And how can you not get addicted to it? The internet brings us instant knowledge and porn and blissful anonymity, while also letting us be part of a global community in real-time. It removes our physical limitations (though it highlights our moral ones), and makes ideas available across vastContinue reading “Free ANSIBLE ringtones for download”

How Conspiracy Theories Work

I must admit I find conspiracy theories fascinating. They are usually good examples of a lot of psychological aspects that I’m interested in, like obsession, selective reasoning, paranoia, determination to reveal the “truth” which always carries either a savior component, or megalomania. Not to mention they cover the entire cognitive dissonance spectrum. *oh goodie* WhileContinue reading “How Conspiracy Theories Work”