Guest Post: How to build a storyworld based on character

Time for a fresh wind to hunt across the planes of this blog, and shake some new ideas from the treetops. Starting this year, I’ll be hosting guest posts by fellow writers as a monthly thing. I’ve met so many smart, creative and motivated writers since I started blogging, I thought it would be aContinue reading “Guest Post: How to build a storyworld based on character”

What If… The Internet Became Self-Aware?

Wild speculation and extrapolative thinking is an important part of being a science-fiction writer. It keeps your gears oiled and your sense of wonder alive, not to mention it’s an integral part of worldbuilding. Bah, who am I kidding, it just makes so much fun to go all crazy about stuff and let your innerContinue reading “What If… The Internet Became Self-Aware?”

Crazy Writing in November and the Top 10 Most Bizzare Mental Disorders

November is the perfect month for writing and being creative, whether along with the gazillion people doing NaNoWriMo, or just because the weather has begun to suck so badly there’s just no other viable thing to do but curl up with a good book (preferably your own manuscript) and travel to another world. This yearContinue reading “Crazy Writing in November and the Top 10 Most Bizzare Mental Disorders”

How Much Science in Science-Fiction?

Science is what separates sci-fi from fantasy, and its usually the nature, plausibility and degree of scientific detail that tiers the genre into several “levels”. Hard sci-fi is the one with the balls of steel in that respect, but what about the other subgenres? How important is the plausibility, and by extension the probability, ofContinue reading “How Much Science in Science-Fiction?”

25 Resources To Fuel Your Writing

All growth is painful and creates resistance. It makes us uncomfortable even when we want it, even when we know it’s essential for our evolution as writers. And sometimes we wonder if it’ll ever end, if we’ll ever reach a point where we can lay back and say we’ve reached the top. But growth isContinue reading “25 Resources To Fuel Your Writing”