I’m Dying To Know!

I’m sitting here wondering what to blog of next that I’m excited about, but all I can focus on are these damn questions. Inquiries, issues, wonderings, spinning around in my head, turning my thought-factory to neuron sludge. Before they burst out of my forehead and ruin a perfectly good electronic equipment, I’m handing them overContinue reading “I’m Dying To Know!”

How I Got Here (and to writing SF)

My very talented fellow sci-fi writer J.W. Alden reminded me of something important with his latest post: that blogging about your honest interests as they pertain to writing, however wild they may be, is a very good thing. Because it comes from a real and immediate place within you, and the passion translates. And bloggingContinue reading “How I Got Here (and to writing SF)”

13 Worldbuilding Questions

I’ve been busy worldbuilding this week. It’s one of my favorite things to do in the process of writing sci-fi, and it makes me all giddy and drooly like a kid that’s been dropped into a toybox. Since I revisited my collected materials for the worlds I’m writing in, and have overhauled one of theseContinue reading “13 Worldbuilding Questions”

13 Aspects About Aliens You Shouldn’t Ignore

If you want to write sci-fi, or even if you’re just a curious reader, there are a handful of screwy aspects about aliens that you need to watch out for. So here’s where it’s at. 1. Aliens should be alien If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, you can call itContinue reading “13 Aspects About Aliens You Shouldn’t Ignore”