Storyworld Design: Transportation Technologies

The biggest SF trope there is — interstellar transportation — comes in many different forms, each with its own predicaments. The most common of all, are: Wormholes (Stargate) Warp Drives (Star Trek) Hyperdrives (Star Wars) Jump Drives (Battlestar Galactica) and Ark Ships The different principles behind these technologies inevitably presuppose different storyworld designs, as the worlds that would develop these technologies,Continue reading “Storyworld Design: Transportation Technologies”

Blowing Up The Kardashev Scale – The Black Hole Alternative

One of the most burning questions we are faced with when we marvel at the grandness of the universe and the diversity of life on Earth, is: Why the hell can’t we find any aliens? I’m not talking about bacteria or frozen spores on some asteroid or moon, but intelligent species — interstellar civilizations we can recognize and communicate with. After all,Continue reading “Blowing Up The Kardashev Scale – The Black Hole Alternative”

Alien Sex: The Stranger, The Better

How do aliens have sex? It all depends on their biology — and your imagination. Since we science-fiction writers are the makers and breakers of specualtive biology, we ought to get really creative with the way our non-human characters do the rumpy-pumpy. If we invest so much brain juice in coming up with fantastic worlds and alien technologies, why notContinue reading “Alien Sex: The Stranger, The Better”

Humanoid Aliens – How Much Likeness Is Plausible?

The idea that intelligent aliens are somehow similar to us in basic physical make-up has occupied both scientists and fiction writers immensely. And it’s understandable why, after all, when we look at the sky, we’re looking for kindred spirits, potential allies, a new mirror to gaze into and understand our place in the Universe. But will what weContinue reading “Humanoid Aliens – How Much Likeness Is Plausible?”

From Fiction To Reality

I’m not up to writing particularly useful posts at the moment, due to industrious editing efforts (yay!) and otherwise being caught up in baby-ing and day-job-ing. But I’ve got a cool infographic for you, that highlights some of the best (and most common) inventions from the past decades which science owes to SF. That’s right, BOW TO US, labcoatedContinue reading “From Fiction To Reality”