Organize your writing with spreadsheets + FREE TEMPLATE!

Now updated for 2017 & 2018! Scroll to the bottom of the post to download. I love spreadsheets. They’re the best and easiest way for me to keep my writing projects organized, keep track of my process and progress, and even edit the manuscript! I’ve talked plenty about my novel outlining process on this blog, and how it’sContinue reading “Organize your writing with spreadsheets + FREE TEMPLATE!”

Writing out of sequence – The best way to write

There are essentially two ways in which you can draft a longer work of fiction: You can draft it linearly, in the same way a reader would read it, writing chapters in their logical order. Or you can draft it out of sequence, jumping forward and back, to: write all chapters related to a specific sub-plot inContinue reading “Writing out of sequence – The best way to write”

13 Things I Learned About Writing Faster

The speed of publication is one of the biggest advantages of self-publishing. No longer do you have to wait one year (or more) between release dates. You can publish whenever you’re ready. And when you publish often, especially if you put out books in the same series in rapid succession, you get increased visibility & greater reader engagement.Continue reading “13 Things I Learned About Writing Faster”

THE EGGSHELL HERO – How to build a story upon a dramatic character arc

All good stories must have a plot — a sequence of events that is logical, inevitable, and relentlessly propells the story (and reader) forward. Mostly, the plot is external action. But sometimes—and literary writers will nod vigurously here—the plot is internal, and barely accompanied by grand outward action. Instead, it’s made of incremental revelations, decisions, and reflections, allContinue reading “THE EGGSHELL HERO – How to build a story upon a dramatic character arc”

How to brainstorm your story idea into a working concept

Last time I shared my novel planning process with you, and promised I would look into the idea exploration part as well. We all have different ways to brainstorm and develop our creative ideas, and we use different tools to help us track our thinking (from Moleskin notebooks and napkins, to mind-mapping software  and spreadsheets). But at the core ofContinue reading “How to brainstorm your story idea into a working concept”