Storyworld Design: Communication Technologies

Ever since homo sapiens turned sapiens2, telecommunication has become the greatest instrument of modern evolution. From the internal structure of companies, to the grand scale of global commercial empires and the ever-present, ever-growing world of social media platforms, near-instant communication across vast distances, between vast numbers of people, has become the epitome of our era. Everything inContinue reading “Storyworld Design: Communication Technologies”

Are perfect, micromanaged worlds utopian or dystopian?

A blog reader emailed me last week with a question, and I thought I’d reply best by writing a new blog post (so you guys can peek into the discussion as well). His question was: Does living in a perfect world indicate that you indeed live in a “Utopia?” Or is a society that’s “too perfect” inContinue reading “Are perfect, micromanaged worlds utopian or dystopian?”

Blowing Up The Kardashev Scale – The Black Hole Alternative

One of the most burning questions we are faced with when we marvel at the grandness of the universe and the diversity of life on Earth, is: Why the hell can’t we find any aliens? I’m not talking about bacteria or frozen spores on some asteroid or moon, but intelligent species — interstellar civilizations we can recognize and communicate with. After all,Continue reading “Blowing Up The Kardashev Scale – The Black Hole Alternative”


In science-fiction, we often venture to alien worlds or lifeless planets and settle there, building colonies or transforming the worlds in their entirety to support human life. The transformation of a planet’s entire ecosystem to sustain human life, and most likely Terran flora and fauna as well, is called terraforming. There are different ways to terraformContinue reading “TERRAFORMING planets”

13 QUANTUM LEAPS of futuristic deliciousness

Quantum leaps are jumps from one state to another, preferably from a state of general laziness to one of ultimate productivity (har-har) or from our good old boring present, to the fantastic and awesome future. A quantum leap, in an evolutionary sense, is a game-changing amount of progress in a relatively short time. Humanity hasContinue reading “13 QUANTUM LEAPS of futuristic deliciousness”