Human NATURE and the many ways to tinker with it

Ever since we learned how to hold tools in our hands, we’ve been tinkering with ourselves. And the more we learn, the more we want to tinker. Some would use advances in medicine for very… awkward purposes, while others would misuse them to sadistically harm others in the name of scientific discovery, but it’s doubtlessContinue reading “Human NATURE and the many ways to tinker with it”

The flexible definition of LIFE

Life, by our current understanding, is the quality which separates organized organic matter from inorganic matter—plants and animals from rocks and dirt. Life includes the capacity of growth, reproduction, functional activity, and continuous change toward death. But we’ll probably have to redefine life once artificial life is added to the picture. …Intelligent robots that canContinue reading “The flexible definition of LIFE”

The KARDASHEV Scale (types 0 to VI)

In 1964, Russian astrophysicist Nikolai Kardashev figured that civilizations can be categorized by the total amount of energy available to them. He defined three levels of civilizations based on their capacity to harness and use power. These have since been expanded by another four (in light of the increasingly wild speculations spawned by marrying mathematicsContinue reading “The KARDASHEV Scale (types 0 to VI)”

Future JUNKIES and cyber highs

A post about junkies? Really? Yes. Because the future leaves no one untouched. (How’s that for drama?) Drug abuse has evolved tremendously over the past millennia. So much so, that it’s even argued to be an integral part of human evolution. And you can’t deny it’s part of us someway, since we’ve loved smoking, sniffingContinue reading “Future JUNKIES and cyber highs”

The Flipside of FTL Travel

Faster-than-light travel makes the science-fiction world go round. Especially space opera, with its galaxy wide empires, space wars and alien civilizations. FTL travel has many faces, though, depending on the technology of its world (and the writer’s creativity), and with those many faces come many perils. It has undoubtedly more advantages than disadvantages in fiction,Continue reading “The Flipside of FTL Travel”