Free ANSIBLE ringtones for download

We’re all addicted to communication, especially to the internet. And how can you not get addicted to it? The internet brings us instant knowledge and porn and blissful anonymity, while also letting us be part of a global community in real-time. It removes our physical limitations (though it highlights our moral ones), and makes ideas available across vastContinue reading “Free ANSIBLE ringtones for download”

To boldly go where no man has gone before, and settle there like we own the damn place

Another of the awesome prospects of transhumanism, and one which is primordial to science-fiction, is space colonization. From pitching a tent on the moon, to settling on distant planets and seeding them with our flora, fauna and ideas, space colonization has been a dream of mankind ever since we gazed upon the stars and realizedContinue reading “To boldly go where no man has gone before, and settle there like we own the damn place”

Science-Fiction Becomes Reality Through Cybernetics

While cyborgs are familiar to everyone who’s come in touch with science-fiction, most people imagine Robocop or Ironman, and a surprising number of people still confuse cyborgs with androids, such as the Terminator and Lieutenant Data. But cyborgs are far more than men in robot suits, and they’re about as different from androids as uncleContinue reading “Science-Fiction Becomes Reality Through Cybernetics”

Transhumanism — Superhuman or Inhuman?

Transhumanism is a movement that aims at upgrading humanity through technology and scientific advancements. The idea is to enhance the human body and mind, from the development of advanced life-like prosthetics to repair damaged functionality and the development of life-prolonging technologies, to customizing healthy body parts on demand and adding new functionality, and even merging humansContinue reading “Transhumanism — Superhuman or Inhuman?”