Levels of VIOLENCE in science-fiction

Violence is one of humanity’s evils, and usually to be shunned and avoided in real life. But in fiction, it can serve a purpose that can’t be better fulfilled with diplomacy or negotiation. And it’s needless to deny that it deserves to be there, since it’s a fundamental part of humanity, whether we like it or not.Continue reading “Levels of VIOLENCE in science-fiction”

To boldly go where no man has gone before, and settle there like we own the damn place

Another of the awesome prospects of transhumanism, and one which is primordial to science-fiction, is space colonization. From pitching a tent on the moon, to settling on distant planets and seeding them with our flora, fauna and ideas, space colonization has been a dream of mankind ever since we gazed upon the stars and realizedContinue reading “To boldly go where no man has gone before, and settle there like we own the damn place”

The importance of protecting our inner peace

I’ve never quite managed to take a real break from writing. Not because I write every day (I certainly don’t), but because even after weeks or months of not putting in any wordcount, I still think of my story, my ambitions and all the work I still need to do. Always have. And while itContinue reading “The importance of protecting our inner peace”

How To Use Stereotypes In Writing Fiction

Stereotypes are oversimplified ways of cataloging groups of people based on the differences between them and other groups of people. They are sometimes rooted in fact, sometimes in prejudice, and if taken at face value, they contribute to intolerance and discrimination and limit people in their understanding of society. Stereotypes exist, and they will continue toContinue reading “How To Use Stereotypes In Writing Fiction”

Are We Settling For Less Than We Intend To?

Know what writers are particularly good at? Compromises. Know what makes the difference between mediocre and extraordinary fiction? Compromises. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, about the rush and excitement of the writing community, especially now after NaNo, and about how many compromises writers make that end up dilluting their work and theirContinue reading “Are We Settling For Less Than We Intend To?”