Self-Published by Choice – 7 Reasons Why I Did It

Nowadays we have the freedom to choose the publishing path we want to go, and which will shape our career. I chose to self-publish. I never querried an agent, or submitted my work to a traditional editor or publisher for consideration. I thought about doing it for a long time, while I was writing learning how to write,Continue reading “Self-Published by Choice – 7 Reasons Why I Did It”

The Special Few Who Get All The Goodies And Freebies

Let’s see if I can ease you into this slowly, ’cause it took me a while to get to terms with whether I should, could or want to create a Newsletter. I mean, what’s in it for me except more work? And more importantly, what’s in it for you? Because without you, it’d be just a waste of pixels. I got mightyContinue reading “The Special Few Who Get All The Goodies And Freebies”

Of ambition, shame and exercising patience

Thanks for all the awesome responses to my writing status inquiry post! You guys rock on so many levels. Also, you’re at such varying stages of your paths through this murky, often scary writing world, that I feel there’s a richness to your combined experiences which I couldn’t possibly make on my own, not in the limited amount of timeContinue reading “Of ambition, shame and exercising patience”

The ERROR Terror

Most normal people are afraid of spiders, heights, or clowns, or really creepy shit like this, but writers—we’re most afraid of making mistakes. Or rather, getting caught making mistakes in our books. Especially writers of genres that require heavy research and specialized knowledge, such as crime, historical and science-fiction. As if there aren’t already enough things toContinue reading “The ERROR Terror”

The public persona dilemma

Am I the only one wondering what to do about all the “Build a writer platform!” “Don’t waste your writing time!” “Tweet, tweet, tweet!” “Get off social media and write!” noise constantly raging in my head? Every time I dive into the online pool, it’s fun and noisy and addictive, and tiring as hell, andContinue reading “The public persona dilemma”