When things get tough, this is what you should do: MAKE GOOD ART

I haven’t read anything by Neil Gaiman yet, but I can still respect and admire this man who does what he loves with such conviction. I may not have many experiences in common with you, and we might not be living in the same part of the world, not be the same age or gender, have theContinue reading “When things get tough, this is what you should do: MAKE GOOD ART”

Is this what being a “real writer” is all about?

I’ve been wondering lately if I’m a real writer. Not a deep, existential level of wondering, like Am I a real person or a figment of some stoned alien’s imagination? I’m just questioning the generally accepted definition of “true writerhood”, and dispatching it from my mind. According to the almighty internet, a “real writer” livesContinue reading “Is this what being a “real writer” is all about?”

Guest Post: Author RENÉE MILLER on marketing for indies

Here be a guest post by my dear friend and now freshly baked indie author of asskicking, villainlicious thrillers — Renée Miller. She’s known for her bluntness, her intimidating work ethic and her knack for psychopaths. Give her a warm welcome!   Renée Miller is a freelance writer living in Tweed, Ontario. Small town lifeContinue reading “Guest Post: Author RENÉE MILLER on marketing for indies”

How To Use Stereotypes In Writing Fiction

Stereotypes are oversimplified ways of cataloging groups of people based on the differences between them and other groups of people. They are sometimes rooted in fact, sometimes in prejudice, and if taken at face value, they contribute to intolerance and discrimination and limit people in their understanding of society. Stereotypes exist, and they will continue toContinue reading “How To Use Stereotypes In Writing Fiction”

How To Stick To Your Goals

Last week I put up two polls to find out what your best and worst habits as writers are, and which attitudes you’d like to change.  Thank you all very much for taking the time to vote and comment, it was very informative! As I promised, today we’ll discuss the results. I must say I wasContinue reading “How To Stick To Your Goals”