25 Resources To Fuel Your Writing

All growth is painful and creates resistance. It makes us uncomfortable even when we want it, even when we know it’s essential for our evolution as writers. And sometimes we wonder if it’ll ever end, if we’ll ever reach a point where we can lay back and say we’ve reached the top. But growth isContinue reading “25 Resources To Fuel Your Writing”

Is Your Killer Focus On The Loose?

While we’re day-dreaming about making it big, our most important ally is sawing his way into freedom one bar at a time. A killer focus doesn’t work with promises of glorious results, but with tangible little things he can use. Setting clear and achievable goals is the first essential step in becoming a professional writer,Continue reading “Is Your Killer Focus On The Loose?”

The Shocking Truth About Being A Professional Writer

I like to cut to the chase and spell things out the way I see them, especially when it comes to business. And from what I’ve learned and studied so far, the single most important fact about being a professional writer is this: We alone are responsible for the success of our writing career, andContinue reading “The Shocking Truth About Being A Professional Writer”

13 Reasons You Should Quit Writing

Or 13 reasons you should at least reconsider your career choice. Or your attitude. And in some cases, your sanity. Let’s face it, there are more writers out there than anyone can count, and some of them should really just do themselves and the rest of us a favor and stop. The question is—are youContinue reading “13 Reasons You Should Quit Writing”